Video Production Services

Below are various examples of the work I have done for a number of professional clients. The videos range from interviews, to animations to scientific presentations. Some of the clients represented here include: CaptionCall, The University of Utah, On-Site Mobile Laboratories and Gold Plating Services.  

I created this video initially just for the training department, but when it was done the higher ups loved it so much that it was put out to the public. 

On-Site Mobile Laboratories is a start up company out of American Fork Utah, and they needed some powerful media to show at the trade show they were headed to.

This animation was created for the University of Utah as part of their cancer research efforts. The entire animation was created inside of After Effects with the use of Element 3D. 

For this video I created all the visual FX. The videos were shot by the company, and I brought it all together.

An acoustic cover of Ed Sheeran's "All of the Stars" by Jamestown Sound featured in the movie "The Fault in our Stars".

This video was part of New Play Project's fund raising efforts, and was intended to inform viewers about their mission, audience and purpose.

This video was created for the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra. I filmed parts of it, and was the editor. I also did all visual work, creating the style, and color palette of the video in post production.

This newscast was not prompted or scripted. I don't know who taught these kids about Canada, but I sure am curious. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email