About Black Hat Media

Black Hat Media began in May 2010, shortly after Brian and Bryn Randall were married. They both shared a love of media, Bryn a love of photography and Brian a love of film making and design, which led to a powerful blend of skill sets.  Brian and Bryn also shared a love of crooner style music, and the classy, glamorous lifestyles of crooners in the 1940's. This led to the name and logo for Black Hat Media, and has also influenced the style of their media offerings.


Bryn Randall - Photographer

Bryn has loved photography since she was very young and has been training at the craft for many years. 

She has done photography for Utah Valley University, Zion Theater Company and is currently the official photographer for the South Jordan City Chamber of Commerce.  

Her passion as a photographer is capturing people as they really are, and making them look their best.


Brian Randall - Videographer, Media Specialist

Brian graduated Cum Laude from UVU with a B.S. in Digital Media. He specializes in video production, but is also a skilled graphics and motion graphics designer.

He has worked on projects for; The University of Utah, CaptionCall,  The South Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Gold Plating Services and many more. 



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